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Skot Olsen spent most of his formative years enjoying the extreme seasonal weather of New England. It was his childhood explorations of cemeteries, colonial homes, and abandoned psychiatric hospitals that led to a lifelong interest in folklore, dark histories, and the monsters that may be hiding beneath the ocean's surface or in the alley at the end of your street. Much of his early painting is inspired by the maritime culture of New England, and his body of work surrounding the fictional squid fishing industry of the mid 19th century earned Skot an international fanbase, and helped solidify his reputation in the Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist art movements. He has since been featured in art galleries internationally, as well as producing commercial work for books, magazines, board games, and beer labels. Since moving to Oregon in 2012, much of his work has focused on the mysteries of the Pacific Northwest, and he spends his time hiking, exploring caves, and searching for buried treasure. He lives with his girlfriend, Karla, and a magic dog named Coco Bear, who is the incarnation of an ancient Chinese forest spirit.